Nosara Real Estate – Costa Rica Condos

So you have decided to move to Nosara, Costa Rica. You couldn’t have picked a better location to establish your new home. Now, for your house.

Note that Nosara, Costa Rica real estate is unlike your ordinary concept of what a home might be. For one, not all Costa Rica homes are in a suburban setting.

For another, some houses in a gated community are considered as Costa Rica condos – or more precisely, horizontal condominiums.

Make no mistake, however, the rules are very much the same as in a high-rise. There is still an owner association, etc. When you decide to buy a Costa Rica condo, make sure that your attorney explains to you what you need to know.


Costa Rica is a country with a very different socioeconomic level as to what you are used to. Although the country does have a Social Security System (which is even higher than most Latin American countries), its citizens do not receive welfare from the State. Thus, if a father of four children has no job, there is no other way than to steal.

Burglary is a common incident. While violent crimes are infrequent, petty crimes such as simple burglary are quite common. There have been many incidents where people leave their homes only to come back and find out that their houses have been broken into and their TVs and other appliances gone. To prevent the same thing from happening, it would be a good idea to leave a maid in your home every time you go out or move to a Costa Rica condo.

This is why security is an important issue when looking for Costa Rica condos. Be sure to ask the seller about the level and type of security provided to condo owners.

Other Advantages of Costa Rica Condos

Besides security, Costa Rica condos also have several advantages in store for you. Here are some of them:

* You will have full rights of an owner to the interior of your unit. And if your Costa Rica condo is a horizontal condo, you will also have real estate rights over a portion of land surrounding your unit.
* You share ownership of exterior and common areas.
* In higher priced markets, Costa Rica condos and townhouses may be more affordable.
* Someone else cuts the grass and do some cleaning work on the exterior spaces.
* A Costa Rica condo project may include amenities, such as a community workout center, a swimming pool, clubhouse, and guards.
* The homeowner’s association board is usually the one that handles neighbor disputes.

On the other hand, the cons to Costa Rica condos include:

* There are homeowners’ association dues that you have to pay monthly. This is required. In addition, in case of major maintenance or renovations, you may also be required to contribute.
* There are condominium rules that you have to follow. Some people would find this too restrictive.